✌️ About

Hey! Welcome to my blog / website. I am fairly new to this, bear with me 😅

📌 About Me

♋️ Who am I?

👋🏽 I'm Martin, in esport world known as STYKO. I come from little town called Banská Bystrica in the middle of Slovakia.
🎮 I play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) professionally for few years in various best international teams in the world. CS:GO is a multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) game with heavy emphasis on team strategy, coordination, communication and money management.
👣 I used to be a part of HellRaisers, where my esport journey started. I represented mousesports and peaked #2 in the world and I also wore Cloud9 jersey, one of most famous esport organisations in the world. Currently I play for FunPlus Phoenix (FPX).

🚧 What am I working on?

💯 My main focus is, and always will be on my team and CS:GO. I am prirotizing it over any other project that I have in my life. I am pro player after all, and I love the job!
🚀 But I feel like it is important to evolve as a brand and a person, therefore I created few side projects that interest me and whenever I have time, I am trying to make them better.
🎬 I am amateur YouTuber and Streamer, trying to bring pretty original and exclusive content on how to become more succesful in esports and life.
✍️ On this website I write articles about productivity and generic advice that I've found helpful over the years, as well as sharing my favourites apps and tech.

📬 Get in touch!

📝 If you would like to give me a feedback, talk or have a question that I might know an answer to, feel free to shoot me a DM on my twitter which is most likely place for me to notice, read and reply.
📬 Another option, especially for business related things like sponsorships, partnerships, promos etc. feel free to contact me via my business email: STYKO@prodigy-agency.gg
I try my best to reply to things that fans but there is only so much time in the day to respond to everyone and I need to filter or ignore haters, trolls and negativity. 😪

🌐 About the Blog

✏️ Why I created this website?

The reason why the website was created is pretty simple. I wanted to create somewhat of a hub of my content into one place. I am pretty active on my social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube...) but I have always focused on different areas of my life. My Instagram shows more of my private life, Twitter is meant for daily interactions with other players, community and up-to-date events. My YouTube channel is aimed at guides, tutorials, in-game content and showing how it is to be a professional gamer.

💫 What is the main purpose of the website?

After mentioning purpose of my social media accounts above, I decided to create a platform where everything would be in one place, easily viewed and shared by my fans. This is also going to be a website where I put exclusive content that is close to my heart – How to become better gamer / person through improving habits, productivity systems and discipline.

📢 Who is the main audience?

If you stumbled across this blog by chance and you are trying to become better player in whatever game you decide to play, you are in a luck! Main point of me writing these lines is to show other gamers (casual or professional) that there are ways to improve other than sitting countless of hours in front of the computer grinding your favourite title. Be more productive, work smarter and do what makes sense but at the same time, do not forget to have fun. Let me show you how.

🔮 Future plans and ideas.

As you can see, this website is still very young. I have already made different drafts for topics I want to go over. Depending on your feedback I will try to align my content with what you guys like. I am going to keep this completely free and will not charge any money for this content. This is the right approach in my opinion, sharing is caring after all.-