🔴 LIVE Stream

📺 I occasionally livestream on Twitch.tv

Whenever I do, you are welcome to tune in. However, be aware that I am a professional CS:GO player and not a streamer. Whenever I review demo and there is more room for talking with viewers, I will naturally do so. When I focus on my individual practice or I am in competitive game, I will pay too much attention on my gameplay and not interact with chat as often as I'd like. 😔

(... I will work on that ...)

STYKO - Twitch
Professional CSGO player for FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) • Slovak / Czech / English streams • MADMONQ Ambassador •

🔔 If you want to catch my stream, best way is to hit that "Follow" button on Twitch. It will notify you when I go live as I sometimes forget to post it myself on my social media and my schedule is kind of random.

(... I will work on that too...)

👍 If you like what I am trying to do on my channel, how I try to teach you guys some valuable lessons, you can always choose to support me. However, I am not going to accept any donations, I do not care about the money revenue from streaming. I am all about building a community and therefore I am appreciating any form of support through following me, chatting with me or just being a passive viewer.

❤️ And if you REALLY like what is happening, you can choose to subscribe to my channel, which is amazing commitment and I am always thankful for that! I will give you a personal shoutout, aswell.