🕸 Social Media Hub

Welcome to the page where it feels like I will be under surveillance 😄. Anywhere you look, you will learn about my professional and private life. I use every different social media for different purpose, which enables me to engage differently on each of them. This page will be a place, where it all connects and you get to choose, what part about me interests you. Some of you are here to learn how it is to be a professional gamer, some of you are here to get a sneak-peek into my daily life and some of you are here to get a bit of both. For any business related stuff head over to Contact.

📸 Instagram

Instagram is probably my most used social media platform. I have decided to start building it couple of years ago with a mix of content for everyone to enjoy. I am posting parts of my daily life via instastories and my major life/work updates through actual posts. Whenever I am traveling for bootcamps or tournaments you will experience backstage and behind-the-scenes content firsthand. Definitely worth checking out, I try to interact with my fans daily.


🐤 Twitter

Together with Instagram, this is my go-to platform to share anything related to my job. You can see me interacting with various people from gaming communities, players as well as giving you updates on our games or results. Direct Messages are open most of the times, if you have a question shoot your shot 😉.

🎥 YouTube

My most recent project in terms of media is my YouTube channel. It started as a highlight storage but to my surprise, people kept asking for more and I am trying to make a habit out of uploading more videos. This channel is completely focused on CS:GO, gaming, analysis, tutorials etc. I am trying to become more consistent with uploads so leaving a Subscribe would mean a lot to my YouTube journey 🤩.

My most popular "Highlights playlist" - Team communication included!

📝 Facebook

Yes, some people still use this bad boy. This ancient tool is used by me to interact with my local community, I try to post as much as I can with translations in my native language for local fans to understand what is going on with me.

🔴 Twitch

And here we are, my most casual platform. I tend to fire up the stream whenever I feel like it. Building a stream schedule is close to impossible as professional CS:GO player so I like to keep my fans under the impression of surprise. 90% of the time you will find me playing/talking about CS, naturally. If you want to check out some cool gameplay, professional tutorials or analysis check the channel out, make sure to follow me to check my next live session 😏

STYKO - Twitch
Professional CSGO player for FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) • Slovak / Czech / English streams • MADMONQ Ambassador •

❔ Others

For the time being I do not use any other social media platforms but in the future I would like to focus a little bit on Discord channel or my own subreddit. Time (and your feedback) will tell if it is worth investing my efforts into.